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We are excited to welcome Professor Cesar Moriera to our dojo to teach our Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program.   Professor Moriera comes to us from LionHeart MMA in South Amboy N.J. where he has studied and earned his Black Belt.  LionHeart MMA is under the direction of Professor Ashure Elabanna who studies with Professor Donte Rivera.

Professor Moriera is also a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate training in the N.Y. Shotojuku under Shihan Kai Leung.  As one of the senior Black Belts training at the Shotojuku he became part of the teaching staff and was a member of the sparring team.   During his time competing Professor Moriera and the team represented the dojo in numerous international and national tournaments, winning several titles.

Assisting Coach Cesar is Matthew Whyne who is also a member of LionHeart MMA Gym.  Along with his BJJ training coach Matt has an extensive wrestling background.  During his wrestling career he was instrumental in helping his teams compete in state championships.  Coach Matt was also a member of the United States Marine Corps, during his time serving our country Matt became a self defense instructor for the Corps.

Thank You Coach Matt for your service! 

Also assisting Professor Moriera in teaching our program is Coach Sam Emburgia, who also trains at LionHeart MMA.  As well as training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach Sam also has an extensive background in High School and College Wrestling and continues to compete.  

Coach Emburgia comes to us with an impressive competitive wrestling record.

    High School record: 149-20

        3 time Region Champ

        4 time State Qualifier

        NHSCA National Open Champion 2009

        3rd in New Jersey State 2010

    College record 62-15

        NJCAA All American 7th

        Comference Champion



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